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Interview with Manuel Göttsching in Elektro Beats
In celebration of the re-release of Gin Rosé (on CD with a bonus DVD and for the first time on vinyl), the Berlin radio station Radio Eins will broadcast an interview with Manuel Göttsching in their programme Elektro Beats on Sunday 11 October 2020 at 21:00 CEST. More information on their website, where a recording of this programme can be listened to up to one week after its broadcast.
Inventions for Electric Guitar live with Circlen in Denmark
The "Festival of Endless Gratitude 2020" in Copenhagen is now over. Manuel Göttsching played his more than 45-year old recording Inventions for Electric Guitar together with the Danish guitar band Cirklen, rearranged for 7 guitars. There is a long review about the festival (in English) on the website of the Danish online music magazine "Passive/Aggressive", including of course a section of Manuel's concert with Cirklen.

The concert has been recorded by the organiser and published on YouTube:

Gin Rosé for the first time released on vinyl
Gin Rosé is internationally available from 28 August 2020 in a beautyful double gate-fold vinyl edition. The last concert of Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze, the founders of the Berlin based Krautrock band Ash Ra Tempel, took place in April 2000 at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Originally released on CD only in a limited edition back then, our re-release will start as a double LP first on 28 August 2020, also available digitally from the same date. See the release info at MIG Music (in German), too.

Cover of the Gin Rosé double LP

The CD release with a bonus DVD is scheduled for the end of September 2020, including for the first time some original video material from the soundcheck and most of the concert.

The first review of the vinyl edition is already online in Russian language for fans all over the world, written by Igor Malzeff. Enjoy! German and international reviews will follow soon. By the way: In 2017, Igor Malzeff did a video interview with Manuel in his studio (in English!).
Cologne concert rescheduled for 28 March 2021!
The "Achtbrücken-Festival" in Cologne originally planned for May 2020 was cancelled due to the Corona pandemia. Some concerts are already rescheduled, among them Manuel's live performance of E2-E4; this will take place now on Sunday, 28 March 2021. Tickets are still valid, new tickets will be available from 1 September 2020. Also performing: Suzanne Ciani. For more information please visit the concert webpage.

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